What is the SPARC Collaborative?

The Maryland Statewide Prevention and Reduction of Clostridioides difficile Collaborative (SPARC) is targeting C. difficile infections (CDI) in acute care facilities in Maryland. Despite recent improvements, CDI rates in Maryland remain high compared to the national average, and the state’s Standardized Infection Ratio (SIR) of 0.95 (2016) is higher than the national goal of 0.7.

Using expertise and resources available through the Maryland Prevention EpiCenters (University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University) and the Maryland Department of Health, SPARC has been created to help hospitals implement customized interventions to enhance CDI prevention efforts.

Addressing the Five Domains of CDI Prevention

Five Domains of CDI Prevention

The multi‐factorial nature of CDI makes this an ideal target for a bundled intervention of evidence based approaches addressing multiple aspects of the chain of infection.

Interventions will cover 5 domains that address different aspects of the CDI prevention process (shown right). The SPARC team will work with hospital teams to select the best interventions for each facility and will design workflows that are useful and minimally burdensome to frontline staff. Some elements (e.g. CDI diagnostic stewardship) might be facilitated by use of the Electronic Medical Record system in the form of Computerized Clinical Decision Support.