Reports & Publications

How to Support Hospitals During The COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons from Maryland (Health Affairs Forefront): This blog post describes findings from an assessment of SPARC activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The assessment found that SPARC was an important source of information for Maryland acute care hospitals managing dynamic COVID-19 guidance and policies.

Impact of Statewide Prevention and Reduction of Clostridioides difficile (SPARC), a Maryland public health–academic collaborative: an evaluation of a quality improvement intervention (BMJ Quality & Safety): This publication describes key findings from SPARC’s prior work focused on the prevention and reduction of Clostridioides difficile infections (CDIs) in Maryland hospitals. An evaluation of the efforts found that the collaborative was extremely successful—CDIs were reduced by 45% and the Maryland Standardized Infection Ratio decreased from 0.92 to 0.61.